Why I believe God speaks to me through dreams.

One of the primary reasons this blog was started was on my wife’s insistence (read wisdom) that I document my dreams, a diary of sorts to track interpretation and fulfillment. But let me explain why I take dreams so seriously.

It started years ago, I had the same dream for almost a month. In the dream, I was standing on a hill overlooking this small building, all around it dirt like at a construction site before they put the sod down. The building it self was simple just a plain brick building, but on the back of it (the part I could see from my spot on the hill) was the dairy queen logo. The inside of the building some kind of arcade, I don’t remember much of what went on in there, but I do remember the chaos or the craziness which is hard to describe. That was it not much too it, and I didn’t think much of it at the time.

But nearly two months later, my family and I were at a hotel from the spot where we parked I looked out over a dirt covered lot with a smalling building on it with a dairy queen logo, just like the one I had dreamed about. I don’t remember what happened, I’m pretty sure that we went inside and it was just a normal dairy queen, but honestly it’s been too long for me to retain that kind of info. But that whole thing caught my attention, and helped me to take my dreams more seriously.

Fast forward about 10 or 15 years, it’s weeks before our baby is to be born, and I have two strange dreams about her birth check them out here and here. Four weeks early Ari is induced due to her high blood pressure at the time. As it turns out both dreams were spot on, in how Hadassah came into this world, and provided us all with great assurance and peace that everything was and is in God’s hands.

Dreams are just one avenue for God to communicate to us. He uses them to help us realize what’s been going on in our spirit during the day, what we’ve been fighting or what the Spirit has been saying to us or to warn us or guide us through the days ahead. But it is just on avenue he can communicate with us for me it seems to be the strongest one, maybe because of my earlier experiences built up a faith that I know like I know that through my dreams God is communicating to me. But he’s stretching me, which is good thing, and I’m growing in the other areas of learning how to listen to his voice all be it very slowly.

Dreams: Orange/Yellowish Guys

This dream started off in a dark bathroom. With me were two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy seemed a little bit older and definitely had the tough guy act down. While we were there this guy (really an animated character completely orange/yellowish) jumps us. I’m able to fend him off a bit and we escape unharmed to the front of the place. I can’t remember everything that happened, but there was a lot of fighting and running which resulted at some point in me getting separated from the little girl. What was interesting about this whole ordeal up to this point was that I was never really afraid of these guys. I knew I was safe, and I knew as long as the kids were with me they were safe too, but separated from me they were definitely not safe.

I met back up with the boy and he lead me to where his sister was in an upstairs room. This room was laid out like a church with pews to the right and left with a small aisle going down the center. What stood out the most was how crazy well lit this room was. The light was almost pure white coming from the light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. At the opposite end of the room was a small stage and on the stage was something almost like an altar. On top of the altar was the little girl. Everyone here had come to see her be sacrificed to an even bigger orange guy who was on his way. I ran down the aisle and picked up the girl; nobody tried to stop me. But when I got down there I knew I didn’t have enough time to escape. I looked up and noticed that lights above me were some new type of halogen, so I unscrewed three or four of them and started throwing the bulbs down on the ground. (Oddly, the light didn’t diminish in the room as I did this.) As I did this, smoke filled the room. Just then the big orange guy came into the room. Because of the smoke that had filled the room I was able to get by him unnoticed. The dream ended as I ran out the door.

Oasis of Living Water

On Sunday nights, our Church has been going through John Bevere’s new book/video series “Extraordinary”. This Sunday John was talking about the makeup of a man flesh, soul, and Spirit. He said a lot things that really made me think, but one thing he said really stuck out. He said that a non believer’s spirit is dead, and when he said that it was like a little movie started playing in my head. In it I saw a desert and a really thirsty man off in the distance was an oasis.  What I felt the Holy Spirit was saying was that the thirsty man was the spirit of a non believer. This guy in this harsh desert was as good as dead, if he didn’t get a drink soon.  The oasis is a believer full of the Spirit the living water.

Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him. John 7:38

When thirsty guy sees the oasis he’s going to use every last bit of what energy he has left to get to the oasis to try and quench his thirst. But this water didn’t just attract one thirsty person, it attracted a crowd of thirsty people.

Off hand you might say D’uh! But really this revelation is the answer to a prayer. During the week we as a Church have been fasting and praying for the lost. And one question on my mind is how do we attact people with out having to restort to trickery or some kind of bait and switch tactic. This revelation is the answer.

There are thirsty people out there today just like there were in Jesus’ time. And if we are walking in the Spirit, letting him guide our lives rather than us accomplishing our own agenda then the Living Water will flow and those thirsty will be drawn to it.

Dreams: Ironman

This was the second dream that I had last week.

In it I’m playing a new video game, unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced,  it’s played on circle platform with a giant I-Max like screen in front of you. The game seemed to be some kind of version of Ironman in it I could fly around and battle enemies. There were several times that I got so into it that the game seemed like real life (which is interesting cause sometimes I get my dreams confused with something that really happened).

After the game was over I met up with Pastor Joe, together we got into the elevator to get to his office. At some point he had given me a book, so when we got to his office I asked him where he’d like me to put it back and he pointed to a small bookcase to the left. His office was small but cool with a warm light in the background behind his desk.

It was after that I woke up.

Dreams: Going Up!

I had two interesting dreams during the week.

The first dream started off in the lobby of a building and for some reason I needed to go upstairs. So I go over to the elevator, but when the doors opened it wasn’t a normal elevator. Instead it was a small black cart encassed in dark glass. Somehow I just knew what to do. I opened the hatch and climbed in. The space inside was definetly cramped. Once I was inside the elevator doors closed, the cart backed away and started up. The ride was crazy. Imagine a rollercoaster inside of a building. The first few floors were normal, but as I got closer to the top I could see that these floors were under construction. My cart began to weave in and out dodging exposed steel beams. As my ride came to an end my cart zoomed down a hallway almost hitting a few people. When I got out I passed the construction foreman who remarked to me that maybe he should put in a normal elevator.

After that Ari and I were out in a field for a celebration and as we were walking along, we came across a tall black pole that was the beginning of the roller coaster that was very similar to what I had experienced in the building previously.  After taking a ride, the creator/owner of the roller coaster gave it to Ari.

Dream: Jail and Airport

I guess continuing my strange dreams, I had this one on Sunday morning.

It started off with Ari and I this place that was like a jail, it wasn’t one but it seemed like one. Ari was in charge of the place and I was hanging out in the lobby, but behind this glass door with iron bars were a bunch of guys in holding. I don’t remember much else, but that scene is still pretty vivid in my mind.

Afterward Ari and I were checking in at the airport, but she had forgotten her license. We left the ticket counter pretty disappointed, but as we are leaving her Uncle shows up with her license. The license itself was pretty banged up but it was her license none the less. After checking in we were out in the parking lot getting our bags and her Uncle and Aunt show up again to give us boxes of supplies for our trip (lots of food and bug replant). As we start to open the boxes and put foodstuffs into our bags, we took out junk (Indian symbols or other mysticisms). We put the good stuff in our bags and our two kids bags. 🙂

Dream: House w/Spring

This dream was rather long, what follows is what I can remember.

My dream followed a full day of me hanging out with these two guys, I don’t know who they were nor can I remember their faces, but we spent the whole day together hanging out having lots of fun. Towards the end of the day we arrive at a house, and inside of the house is a spring like something you’d see at a state park. The left side of the house was normal and the right side of the house was this spring in almost like a cave. We swam around for awhile, and at one point the two guys I was with started sword fighting with these really long poles (jokingly, really up to this point the dream was filled with lots of laughter and joy). At some point Ari showed up with the baby, she gave the baby to me and we went for a little swim. As I explained before this spring was in a cave in the house and it was really dark (like any cave) but people were up on the beach area sun bathing, which I didn’t quite get. It was at this point that I lost sight of the guys I was with and Ari. I assumed they were all off doing what ever, but after awhile of swimming I got out to go and look for my wife. I climbed up the ladder to the second floor of the house, past a lady who kind of scared me at first, and then ventured down the hall towards the only door I saw. When I got to the door, I opened it and inside Ari was laying on the ground wrapped in a dark sheet, and the two I guys I had been hanging out with were standing next to her. She didn’t say anything at first but the look in her eyes tore me apart. I started to come in, but she yelled at me and told me to go away. I knew that she wasn’t mad at me but rather she was trying to protect me, but I was hurt and angry, angry that I had failed her. I stomped down the hall at the end of the hall was a turn to the right, rather than turning I punched the wall with both fists and walked right through. I kept going down the next hall and came to a door again I punched it with both fists and blew it to smithereens. I kept going down another hall but before I could get to the next door, it swung open on its own. It was like God was sending me a reminder that he was still there. As I rounded another corner and came to another closed door, I through the tears I cried out to God and told him that I needed his help. Thats when the door began to creak open all by itself. I found myself outside staring at a really green yard, and I could hear Pastor Joe commenting that finally his yard was green. I stood there for a few moments talking to God and realizing that I still had the baby in my hands, and then the strangest thing happened (lol like the rest wasn’t strange) it was if God rewound time, I went back inside, back to the spring, back to the lady who had scared me before and asked her to hold the baby. Then I went back down the hall towards the door that stood between me and Ari. At the door, I found a long metal pole I grabbed it as I opened the door.

As I charged into the room I woke up, but almost in protest I finished the dream in my imagination beating the crap out of the guys in there.  I don’t think that’s the ending God was looking for maybe thats why I woke up, but in the end I had His assurance that Ari was safe and that’s what counted for the most.

All in God’s Timing

On 4/19/2009 we (Ari and I) received a prophetic word about our next house along with that came a word that by this time next year my ministry would be in full swing.

A little over one year later we received a call that the bank had accepted our offer, on a house and that just happened to be the same weekend I was leading our Men’s group on a camping trip.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be entering into a new stage in life, as homeowners and in ministry. At the time we didn’t think much of it, we were so excited about the prospect of moving into our new home, thats really all we focused on. When the move didn’t happen according to when we thought it should we were a disappointed, but it’s great looking back and knowing that God had a plan all along. That realization gives me hope for the future and a renewed trust in God and his Word.

Dream: A Baby & Ring

we were at this clinc and there were some other people there i didn’t know, you went back for some tests and when the nurse came out with the results she said that there was a 99.9 percent chance the baby wasn’t mine. I was like whatever I’ll love the baby anyway. After that i was back in the back near like a basketball court and you had gone into the bathroom. While you were in there my dad came out, we hugged for a second, but he had to go. As he was leaving i noticed a ring on his finger that had three crowns on it that were attached by little loops on the ring. After he left you came out and we left.
(Ring with three crowns = Father, Son, Holy Spirit.)

Dream: Witchcraft

I was in this place, that was hilly lots of green grass and a dirt path that I was following. Next to the path ran like a deep chasm. Along the way I ran into Sarah Palin (of all people lol) she was giving a speech or something though I didn’t see any people. But behind her across the chasm standing on the edge was a wizard or witch that was trying to kill with a spell or something. I spoke to the rock he was standing on and it broke and he fell into the chasm. Sarah realized what was going on and made some kind of comment and my reply was something like prayer is like witchcraft or visa versa don’t remember that well, but that does kind of make me upset that i would say something like that. Anyway i continued following the path and another wizardly fellow came flying after me because of what i did to the other guy. I started running down the path trying to get away but ran into a dead end. I turned to fight him and fire came out of my hands. That’s when I woke up. Really disturbed.