Oasis of Living Water

On Sunday nights, our Church has been going through John Bevere’s new book/video series “Extraordinary”. This Sunday John was talking about the makeup of a man flesh, soul, and Spirit. He said a lot things that really made me think, but one thing he said really stuck out. He said that a non believer’s spirit is dead, and when he said that it was like a little movie started playing in my head. In it I saw a desert and a really thirsty man off in the distance was an oasis.  What I felt the Holy Spirit was saying was that the thirsty man was the spirit of a non believer. This guy in this harsh desert was as good as dead, if he didn’t get a drink soon.  The oasis is a believer full of the Spirit the living water.

Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him. John 7:38

When thirsty guy sees the oasis he’s going to use every last bit of what energy he has left to get to the oasis to try and quench his thirst. But this water didn’t just attract one thirsty person, it attracted a crowd of thirsty people.

Off hand you might say D’uh! But really this revelation is the answer to a prayer. During the week we as a Church have been fasting and praying for the lost. And one question on my mind is how do we attact people with out having to restort to trickery or some kind of bait and switch tactic. This revelation is the answer.

There are thirsty people out there today just like there were in Jesus’ time. And if we are walking in the Spirit, letting him guide our lives rather than us accomplishing our own agenda then the Living Water will flow and those thirsty will be drawn to it.