God has a plan for my life

Last weekend a visiting Pastor spoke an amazing word from God into my life. I’m not going to make them post it here at this point, maybe sometime in the future. But the main point was that God has a plan for my life. It was an amazing word that I will try to desperately to hang on to in the comming months as life becomes hectic with marriage plans and as we begin our married life, I know at times life will be tough. And this will be promise and a reminder to come back and to trust God during those times.

Oh and something else really cool was that this word tied directly to something Pastor Michele spoke over me a long time ago. The man of God last week had no idea.

God has a plan… Details to follow.

Dream : Finances

This morning I had a different kind of dream. I was on my knees in front of a man. And He proceeds to knight me (you know he touched both of my shoulders). He pronounces over me “Finances for MS or …” (I don’t know or remember what the second one was but I was given the understanding that MS stood for missions) and then he touched my forehead. With His touch I went into what could be described as seizure. I spent some on the floor, but as I started to get up another man reached down and helped me up. He looked at me and asked “How was that tingling sensation?”. I replied, “That was no tingle, it was the Holy Spirit.” “Good” was all he told me.

Dream : Scotty and the Mercedes

This one is short. I can’t remember any other part of my dream, but what I do remember was standing outside of church talking to Scotty. And Scotty was telling me that he was going to get a new Mercedes from Sacks (sp?) which is a grocery store the Pastors shop at to find these great deals. He told me about how it was on sale and what a great deal he was going to get on it.

So at church Arielle encouraged me to tell him about it. After a little dragging of my feet, I finally told him. Of course he calls his Mom over and tells her. I felt more at peace about it once she explained, and she explained it like this. That Scotty was going to have a rich ministry at very low cost. (Cars represent our ministry). Anyway i thought that was really cool, and I felt like God had used me and my (while reluctant) obediance to encourage and bless someone, which is really cool.

Dream : Nukes and Violence

This wasn’t just one dream but a series of dreams. It starts off with me living in this apartment that was right next to a Jewish Synagoe. When i say right next to, I mean when I walked out my door I walked right into there worship service. And in order for me to get by, I would press my back against the back wall and creep by as slowly as I could hoping not to be noticed. I’m sorry but I don’t remember more of this one.

My next dream I was in a car, my brother Matt and I were in the back seat (I don’t know who was driving), but as we were going along this green john deere type tractor rams our car hittng the door that Matt had his back to. I tried to warn him but he didn’t seem to understand what I was saying. Again the tractor rammed us, this time a saw that was attached to his tractor came through the window. This went on several times, and as it was going on, I got a good look at the guy driving the green tractor, and I noticed that he was asleep! I don’t know if it was my yelling or what but finally the guy woke up and got control of his machine. With the crisis past we stopped the car at what looked like a rural european town. As we were standing there I noticed off into the distance that same green tractor, and it looked like he was meeting up with a buddy in an orange tractor. I called out to Matt and we headed after the two guys. As we snuck up on them the guy on the green tractor took off, he got by me, but Matt (the football pro tackled him). No sooner had this happened than the other bad guy, the guy from the orange tractor comes out and throws a wrench at Matt and hits him in the head. Angered I tackled the orange tractor guy from behind and started beating him.

My last dream started off with my mom, Sam, and myself flying home. Literally we were flying like you always see superman fly. As we were flying, we flew over Iran, and as we approached you could see plumes of smoke rising from the ground. At first I was excited or happy thinking to myself that Israel or the US had finally taken care of our enemy, but to my horror I found that they were not plumes of smoke from destruction. But rather plumes of smoke from missle launches. Quickly I followed the smoke trail flying on ahead of the rest of my family. Soon I could tell I was over the Mediterainian Sea, and I thought to check out the land of Israel to see if any of the missles had hit there. So I swooped down, but there was no destruction there. I said a quick prayer of thanks, and resumed my search of the missles. I caught up with them somewhere over the Alantic Ocean as I got close I could see that they were red missles and they were destined for my country. When I finally arrived over the US I could see the East and the West coast in flames burnring destruction up and down both coasts. I could see a few gaps along the eastern sea shore, places where bombs had missed or places that God had protected. I then checked on my home state of Tennessee. Thankfully it was clear of damage no bombs had dropped there. We were staying in wooded area in what looked like really fancy cabins, the family was gathered around the tv discussing what was going on, and my mom orders pizza. I guess the delievery guy couldn’t get in, so he calls my mom and tells her what she’s ordered, it was a really long list that I didn’t understand. And she asks me to go meet him and bring the pizza back. As I’m walking through this wooded area to meet the delivery guy, there are all these people going around in circles on what appeared to be scooters or little go carts. Only these weren’t normal go-carts, these things had what looked almost like a peacocks tail only with branches instead of feathers. And there was some crazy lady there trying to sell the carts to anyone passing by. Me being preoccupied with my own thoughts just brushed past her. As I was walking I kept thinking about what was I going to do, should I join the army, but I knew that Arielle wouldn’t want me to go, I knew that she and my family needed my protection. But I had this tug on my heart to fight, so it was a tough decision. And I woke up.

The main theme throughout these dreams seemed to be violence, I don’t know how, but it also tied into the first dream as well, I just can’t remember it. I don’t know what God was trying to tell me about violence, but He’ll show me.

Dream : A Windmilll Treehouse

Let me just paint this picture for you. Imagine a tree with two giant, flat, round stones wrapped around its base. The two stones are laying on top of each other and there’s a small gap where the two stones meet that allow someone to pour different grains in to be ground up into flour. Now these two stones are way to large for any human being to move so attached to the top stone are large sails that catch the wind in order to turn the stones to grind the grain. You would think based on the size of the stones that you would need a large almost tornado like wind to get the grinding going. But no the slightest breeze turns these stones and the sails seem to multiple the wind’s effectiveness. I climbed on to the stones, and sails turned almost into a ramp leading up to a little treehouse. The treehouse was small and sparse there’s really only enough room to lay down while the windmill does its work. When the wind begins to move the stones I had to run down and fill the mill with grain, once that was done I would return to the top of the tree and lay down. At night a latern would be lit and the whole tree would be filled with a soft warm light.

After that dream I had another dream, in this dream I was packing a large black bag. I was running from somewhere where my stuff was to a little picnic area just outside of Brit (the congregation where my dad was the rabbi) and the journey between the two places wasn’t an easy one, along the way there were obstacles I had to jump over while carrying this stuff. I would get to Brit put the stuff in the black bag, then realize I had left something behind, and run back to where ever it was I needed to go. This happened three times. On the second trip back, Jen (my old roommates finace’) was waiting at the picnic table and she gave me plans for some new type of suitcase. I realized I had forgotten something, and ran back and forth again. On the third trip Vic (my current boss) was waiting for me at the picnic table, and he gave me the suitcase that Jen had given me the plans for, so I threw them in the black bag. Oh and the whole time i was doing this, I was in my boxers. So you can imagine me jumping over these ditches while running back and forh…. Well maybe you shouldn’t.

Those were my dreams.

Dream : Harry Potter

Throughout my life I always been attracted to fantasy, whether my own vivid imagination or other sources such as books, movies, tv shows, etc. I’ve read everything from the Chronicles of Narnia to the Harry Potter books. I’ve enjoyed shows like Dragonball, Full Metal Alchemist, Buffy, Angel, and Charmed. I’ve watched movies like the Mummy, Blade, Star Wars, the Lord of Rings, and the Matrix. I’ve played games that used magic heavily such as WoW, Warcraft, StarCraft, Fable, and various Star Wars games. The devil and I used the lie of “it’s just fiction” or “hey a christian guy wrote it”. But what it really is, is dabbling without getting your hands dirty. Thinking that it is merely entertainment means you are ok, is simply wrong. Sitting there reading or watching is exposing your soul to evil and that builds up strongholds in your life. Again God used a dream to awaken me to the fact that there was this stronghold in my life.

One morning I had a strange dream about Harry Potter and there was a special focus on Harry’s wand. All I can really remember was a hand drawing of the wand on a piece of paper. It looked like a stick with piece of holly laid on it. I woke up and couldn’t understand why I had dreamed about Harry Potter, so I asked God why. And He answered that I still had this desire in my heart, for power out side of His will. Not that I wanted to become a witch or wizard, but that kind of power was a desire of my heart. That desire has roots back to what God has been talking to me about all week, pride, self confidence, and self reliance. Basically not putting my full trust in God. Relying on my human strength, my human knowledge, or my human understanding, is path of death and destruction, a path that does not lead to God and His wonderful grace.

James 4:6 says, “… God opposes the proud, but favors the humble”. I’ve been repenting and I will continue to repent until the stronghold is laid waste. God has shown me some great things this week, and I’m very thankful. But I desire a much deeper relationship with Him, and that means letting go of this world and my attachments to it. With God’s help my attachment to this thing we call magic or superpowers has been torn down.

Dream : House/Swordfish

Yesterday morning I had a weird dream. In the dream I came up to a white house, if you’ve ever seen “Father of the Bride” it looked kind of like his house only it was a little bigger and the porch was more pronounced it was the in the same style at least. In the dream I knew that Arielle and I had just been married and this was the house we were going to be living in together. I went up to the door and knocked on it, she answered and told me that she wasn’t quite ready yet (if you knew her that would be funny), so I had to wait on the porch while she made herself and the house ready. As I waited on the porch, I for some reason had the train of her wedding dress, and I spread it out on the steps along with some while flowers. After a little while she returned, saying she was ready, and we preceded inside. The inside of the house had kind of an antique feel and there was almost haze or warm glow. I expected us to be alone in the house, so I was very surprised to find several young children running about, in the dream it was explained to me that these weren’t our children but another mother and father’s. At first I was a little upset, but after a little while I got over it. It came time for dinner, so we all gathered around the table, the kids and their parents were there. But for some reason we didn’t have anything to eat. I ventured off into the kitchen to see what was taking so long or to find something for everyone to eat.

At this point the dream changed to me being a cook in the Navy. This dream is a little less clear, for the most part all I can remember is being in a helicopter, looking out over the ocean holding a big deep fried swordfish. Maybe I had found the swordfish in the kitchen before I left for the Navy or something cause it seemed familiar to me. I remember hoping that it would be enough and hoping that everyone would like it, so I assume the helicopter was carrying me back to the house.

Weird eh?

Dream : Carrier

Like most people I occasionally have dreams that I remember when I wake up. Unlike most people I believe that my dreams are one of the ways God chooses to talk to his people. One of the reasons I created this blog was to record dreams, visions, or other things God is telling me, so that in the future I can be reminded of them.

This morning I had a dream, where I and several others (who they were I don’t know) were being chased around this maze like building. We would run down one hall, then another, and then another, well you get the idea lots of running away from something or someone that I never saw. The hallways were dark and grey no real color to them. It reminded me of one of the levels from Goldeneye, if you’ve ever played that game. And while we were running, I noticed we kept crossing the path of a particular spider (black with yellow spots) that was always carrying things that seemed way too big for a spider to be carrying. And every time we crossed its path I saw it carrying something different (I don’t remember what), but it was always the same spider. Eventually I called the spider Carrier, because I’m creative like that.

After running around for awhile I found myself on top of a building, I saw a friend sitting on the edge overlooking an alley between two buildings (again with the same grey non-descript theme). As I sat there on the edge I looked down and saw the same spider again, and it looked like i had sat down on the path he was going to take. I pointed the spider out to the person sitting next to me (who turned out to be my dad), and he remarked that he had already seen him and was calling the spider Carrier. I thought I was really cool that we had both come up with the same name. I didn’t think to much else about it till the spider crawled up my back, and started biting me. I tried swatting it away, but then my back became numb. I told my dad what was going on, and he seemed remarkably calm about the whole situation (I definitely wasn’t). My dad starts patching me up, he did something to the bite, then applied some ointment, and finally he put a band-aide over. Well I’m sitting here thinking that’s all well and good, but we haven’t dealt with the root cause yet. The spider is still out there somewhere, and he is going to try and bite me again. No sooner had I told my dad this then I felt another bite. This time I was quick and caught the spider on my finger tips. As I pull my hand around to take a look at my enemy the spider starts biting my hand. Not knowing what else to do, I crushed the spider, killing it and waking myself up out of the dream.

Weird eh? I’ll post back here when I get an interpertation of what that dream meant.