Dream: House w/Spring

This dream was rather long, what follows is what I can remember.

My dream followed a full day of me hanging out with these two guys, I don’t know who they were nor can I remember their faces, but we spent the whole day together hanging out having lots of fun. Towards the end of the day we arrive at a house, and inside of the house is a spring like something you’d see at a state park. The left side of the house was normal and the right side of the house was this spring in almost like a cave. We swam around for awhile, and at one point the two guys I was with started sword fighting with these really long poles (jokingly, really up to this point the dream was filled with lots of laughter and joy). At some point Ari showed up with the baby, she gave the baby to me and we went for a little swim. As I explained before this spring was in a cave in the house and it was really dark (like any cave) but people were up on the beach area sun bathing, which I didn’t quite get. It was at this point that I lost sight of the guys I was with and Ari. I assumed they were all off doing what ever, but after awhile of swimming I got out to go and look for my wife. I climbed up the ladder to the second floor of the house, past a lady who kind of scared me at first, and then ventured down the hall towards the only door I saw. When I got to the door, I opened it and inside Ari was laying on the ground wrapped in a dark sheet, and the two I guys I had been hanging out with were standing next to her. She didn’t say anything at first but the look in her eyes tore me apart. I started to come in, but she yelled at me and told me to go away. I knew that she wasn’t mad at me but rather she was trying to protect me, but I was hurt and angry, angry that I had failed her. I stomped down the hall at the end of the hall was a turn to the right, rather than turning I punched the wall with both fists and walked right through. I kept going down the next hall and came to a door again I punched it with both fists and blew it to smithereens. I kept going down another hall but before I could get to the next door, it swung open on its own. It was like God was sending me a reminder that he was still there. As I rounded another corner and came to another closed door, I through the tears I cried out to God and told him that I needed his help. Thats when the door began to creak open all by itself. I found myself outside staring at a really green yard, and I could hear Pastor Joe commenting that finally his yard was green. I stood there for a few moments talking to God and realizing that I still had the baby in my hands, and then the strangest thing happened (lol like the rest wasn’t strange) it was if God rewound time, I went back inside, back to the spring, back to the lady who had scared me before and asked her to hold the baby. Then I went back down the hall towards the door that stood between me and Ari. At the door, I found a long metal pole I grabbed it as I opened the door.

As I charged into the room I woke up, but almost in protest I finished the dream in my imagination beating the crap out of the guys in there.  I don’t think that’s the ending God was looking for maybe thats why I woke up, but in the end I had His assurance that Ari was safe and that’s what counted for the most.