Dreams: House

Here’s a dream I had about a week ago:

In the dream my boss offers us this house and I quickly accept. The next thing I know I’m waking up in a bedroom of the house next to Ari. The room is dark but I could see the walls, they were painted white with pink and black swirls. All around the walls were mirrors that had been hung on the walls but were now broken and shattered. As we left the bedroom, we came to a really beautiful sitting room. I took some time to arrange the chairs (taking ownership in a sense), but was interrupted by people arriving to go on the inspection of the house. My boss, my mom, and some others I didn’t recognize were there to go on the tour. As we went through the house we could tell it was in obvious need of repair, sections of the ceiling were drooping from water damage. And an access tunnel that ran through the roof connecting the section we were in to the chapel (also part of the house) was damaged from the water, but the lower access tunnel was open. Now this house was huge, I mean huge! But as we were walking my mom started asking me the important questions I had forgotten to ask like, how much is he asking? I didn’t and tried finding my boss to ask, but after seeing more damage she recommended not getting the house. I can remember the whole time asking God what his will was, did he want me here to fix up the place. I knew we could do it, but wanted to be sure that’s what God wanted me to do. We eventually made it to the chapel which looked like a small old Cathedral. The dream ended with me trying to find my boss to find out the cost.

Dreams: Birth in a Shipping Container

I had this dream this morning.

My wife and I were living in this shipping container. She was pregnant and as we were sitting there we saw her shirt rise up as the baby’s head poked up underneath. At first we thought the baby was just doing something funny, but as we pulled her shirt up we saw she had somehow dug out through her and was coming out the top of her stomach. Of course we freaked out and I called 911 on my cell but something happened as I made the call so I wasn’t able to complete the call. But I knew that the cops were on the way. I can’t remember exactly what happened next, but we started running away from someone or something that was trying to take away the baby towards the gate that lead out of our compound. As we arrived at the gate, the cop in an undercover car that only had room for Ari. So I yelled for him to take her to the hospital. And I headed back to the container to get my bicycle. On the way back I ran through a football game caught or almost caught a pass and threw it back. After that I got my bike and started my way back to the front. As I turned to leave I got hit in the back of the neck with some spitle, so I turned to find out who had done that and found myself face to face with one very nasty dude. At this point I realized that I was wasting time and I needed to get to Ari so I turned and ran leaving my would be attacker behind. When I got to the gate I was able to get on my bike and speed to the hospital. Once there I ran around like a crazy man trying to find my wife. Along the way I found Pastor Joe and together we found her.

It was about this point that I woke up.