Why I believe God speaks to me through dreams.

One of the primary reasons this blog was started was on my wife’s insistence (read wisdom) that I document my dreams, a diary of sorts to track interpretation and fulfillment. But let me explain why I take dreams so seriously.

It started years ago, I had the same dream for almost a month. In the dream, I was standing on a hill overlooking this small building, all around it dirt like at a construction site before they put the sod down. The building it self was simple just a plain brick building, but on the back of it (the part I could see from my spot on the hill) was the dairy queen logo. The inside of the building some kind of arcade, I don’t remember much of what went on in there, but I do remember the chaos or the craziness which is hard to describe. That was it not much too it, and I didn’t think much of it at the time.

But nearly two months later, my family and I were at a hotel from the spot where we parked I looked out over a dirt covered lot with a smalling building on it with a dairy queen logo, just like the one I had dreamed about. I don’t remember what happened, I’m pretty sure that we went inside and it was just a normal dairy queen, but honestly it’s been too long for me to retain that kind of info. But that whole thing caught my attention, and helped me to take my dreams more seriously.

Fast forward about 10 or 15 years, it’s weeks before our baby is to be born, and I have two strange dreams about her birth check them out here and here. Four weeks early Ari is induced due to her high blood pressure at the time. As it turns out both dreams were spot on, in how Hadassah came into this world, and provided us all with great assurance and peace that everything was and is in God’s hands.

Dreams are just one avenue for God to communicate to us. He uses them to help us realize what’s been going on in our spirit during the day, what we’ve been fighting or what the Spirit has been saying to us or to warn us or guide us through the days ahead. But it is just on avenue he can communicate with us for me it seems to be the strongest one, maybe because of my earlier experiences built up a faith that I know like I know that through my dreams God is communicating to me. But he’s stretching me, which is good thing, and I’m growing in the other areas of learning how to listen to his voice all be it very slowly.

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