Dreams: Going Up!

I had two interesting dreams during the week.

The first dream started off in the lobby of a building and for some reason I needed to go upstairs. So I go over to the elevator, but when the doors opened it wasn’t a normal elevator. Instead it was a small black cart encassed in dark glass. Somehow I just knew what to do. I opened the hatch and climbed in. The space inside was definetly cramped. Once I was inside the elevator doors closed, the cart backed away and started up. The ride was crazy. Imagine a rollercoaster inside of a building. The first few floors were normal, but as I got closer to the top I could see that these floors were under construction. My cart began to weave in and out dodging exposed steel beams. As my ride came to an end my cart zoomed down a hallway almost hitting a few people. When I got out I passed the construction foreman who remarked to me that maybe he should put in a normal elevator.

After that Ari and I were out in a field for a celebration and as we were walking along, we came across a tall black pole that was the beginning of the roller coaster that was very similar to what I had experienced in the building previously.  After taking a ride, the creator/owner of the roller coaster gave it to Ari.

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Tall and quiet programmer from Memphis, that is in love with a sweet girl from Orlando.

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