Dream: Witchcraft

I was in this place, that was hilly lots of green grass and a dirt path that I was following. Next to the path ran like a deep chasm. Along the way I ran into Sarah Palin (of all people lol) she was giving a speech or something though I didn’t see any people. But behind her across the chasm standing on the edge was a wizard or witch that was trying to kill with a spell or something. I spoke to the rock he was standing on and it broke and he fell into the chasm. Sarah realized what was going on and made some kind of comment and my reply was something like prayer is like witchcraft or visa versa don’t remember that well, but that does kind of make me upset that i would say something like that. Anyway i continued following the path and another wizardly fellow came flying after me because of what i did to the other guy. I started running down the path trying to get away but ran into a dead end. I turned to fight him and fire came out of my hands. That’s when I woke up. Really disturbed.

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Tall and quiet programmer from Memphis, that is in love with a sweet girl from Orlando.

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