Entertainment vs Enlightenment

Entertainment or Enlightenment
We’ll be a seeker of one
But not the other

Entertainment is the side show barker
The neon signs and the roaring crowd
They call us to escape the here and now
For passing fantasy

Enlightenment is the quiet hillside
The narrow gate and path
They lead us to something more than ourselves
They lead us to the cross

Entertainment’s lesson is about self love
While enlightenment teaches about true love

Entertainment is the fog this world
While enlightenment is the sun that burns away the fog

To seek constant escape
is to seek destruction
The death of life
And to embrace only fantasy

To seek truth
Is to seek true life
The death of self love
And to embrace the cross


Passover is one of my favorite holidays
For much the same reason that
Football is my favorite sport
The Steelers are my favorite team
My Dad

Passover was a special time
A time for just he and I
Whether throwing the football
Or passing the matzah
It wasn’t what we were doing
But who I was with that made it special

It was a time for connection
I was with my Father
And he was with me
From him I learned about
Our heavenly father

He may not be around anymore
but his fingerprints are still visible
everywhere where I look


Learning about Patience

God has a funny way of talking to us sometimes.

I have been praying for awhile about certain thing that I believe God wants me to do and to work on and to do that I need a certain tool. To get moving and to get started I’ve been thinking of ways to get the money to buy it. This past Sunday I was talking God about it and then read a couple of things as devotional and both of them talked about being patient in the place that God has you. I took the hint.

Later that day in worship the thought occurred to me that I didn’t know what God meant by patience. So I asked God to teach me what he meant by be patient. As worship ends my Pastor gets up and the first words out of her mouth were “Patient means to wait on God”.

It’s funny how God speaks to me at times. I’m thankful for ears and a heart that hear, and a God that speaks to me.

I’m waiting on God. He’ll provide all that I need.

God Shows His Love

God has shown his love to me in amazing ways
Ways I don’t deserve
Ways I don’t understand

He showed his love for me
when he placed me in the arms of my parents
vulnerable and unproven He loved me anyway

He showed his love for me
when he brought my dad home to Him
lost and wayward He loved me anyway

He showed his love for me
when he placed my wife and daughter in my arms
undeserving He loved me anyway

I haven’t deserved it
I don’t deserve it
I won’t deserve it

He loves me anyway