Dream : Harry Potter

Throughout my life I always been attracted to fantasy, whether my own vivid imagination or other sources such as books, movies, tv shows, etc. I’ve read everything from the Chronicles of Narnia to the Harry Potter books. I’ve enjoyed shows like Dragonball, Full Metal Alchemist, Buffy, Angel, and Charmed. I’ve watched movies like the Mummy, Blade, Star Wars, the Lord of Rings, and the Matrix. I’ve played games that used magic heavily such as WoW, Warcraft, StarCraft, Fable, and various Star Wars games. The devil and I used the lie of “it’s just fiction” or “hey a christian guy wrote it”. But what it really is, is dabbling without getting your hands dirty. Thinking that it is merely entertainment means you are ok, is simply wrong. Sitting there reading or watching is exposing your soul to evil and that builds up strongholds in your life. Again God used a dream to awaken me to the fact that there was this stronghold in my life.

One morning I had a strange dream about Harry Potter and there was a special focus on Harry’s wand. All I can really remember was a hand drawing of the wand on a piece of paper. It looked like a stick with piece of holly laid on it. I woke up and couldn’t understand why I had dreamed about Harry Potter, so I asked God why. And He answered that I still had this desire in my heart, for power out side of His will. Not that I wanted to become a witch or wizard, but that kind of power was a desire of my heart. That desire has roots back to what God has been talking to me about all week, pride, self confidence, and self reliance. Basically not putting my full trust in God. Relying on my human strength, my human knowledge, or my human understanding, is path of death and destruction, a path that does not lead to God and His wonderful grace.

James 4:6 says, “… God opposes the proud, but favors the humble”. I’ve been repenting and I will continue to repent until the stronghold is laid waste. God has shown me some great things this week, and I’m very thankful. But I desire a much deeper relationship with Him, and that means letting go of this world and my attachments to it. With God’s help my attachment to this thing we call magic or superpowers has been torn down.

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