Dream : A Windmilll Treehouse

Let me just paint this picture for you. Imagine a tree with two giant, flat, round stones wrapped around its base. The two stones are laying on top of each other and there’s a small gap where the two stones meet that allow someone to pour different grains in to be ground up into flour. Now these two stones are way to large for any human being to move so attached to the top stone are large sails that catch the wind in order to turn the stones to grind the grain. You would think based on the size of the stones that you would need a large almost tornado like wind to get the grinding going. But no the slightest breeze turns these stones and the sails seem to multiple the wind’s effectiveness. I climbed on to the stones, and sails turned almost into a ramp leading up to a little treehouse. The treehouse was small and sparse there’s really only enough room to lay down while the windmill does its work. When the wind begins to move the stones I had to run down and fill the mill with grain, once that was done I would return to the top of the tree and lay down. At night a latern would be lit and the whole tree would be filled with a soft warm light.

After that dream I had another dream, in this dream I was packing a large black bag. I was running from somewhere where my stuff was to a little picnic area just outside of Brit (the congregation where my dad was the rabbi) and the journey between the two places wasn’t an easy one, along the way there were obstacles I had to jump over while carrying this stuff. I would get to Brit put the stuff in the black bag, then realize I had left something behind, and run back to where ever it was I needed to go. This happened three times. On the second trip back, Jen (my old roommates finace’) was waiting at the picnic table and she gave me plans for some new type of suitcase. I realized I had forgotten something, and ran back and forth again. On the third trip Vic (my current boss) was waiting for me at the picnic table, and he gave me the suitcase that Jen had given me the plans for, so I threw them in the black bag. Oh and the whole time i was doing this, I was in my boxers. So you can imagine me jumping over these ditches while running back and forh…. Well maybe you shouldn’t.

Those were my dreams.

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Tall and quiet programmer from Memphis, that is in love with a sweet girl from Orlando.

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