Life [Re]defined – Jake Hamilton

Life [re]defined by Jake Hamilton

I hear the Spirit calling me
And I’m ready to answer
I am laying down my pride
To hear the cry of your comfort

I felt your tug upon my heart
And it’s setting me free now
I can’t deny your reckless love
So, I’m bending a knee, now

I, I don’t want to wake up
trying to make it through
lost and confused
No, I don’t want to survive
I want to live

Yes, Lord, yes
Lord, You
You are life
Life beyond the veil
Beyond what’s safe
and normal,
What is possible

You, You satisfy
You’re more than just a fantasy of faith
You are everything
You’re life re-defined.

You are the love
that finds a way
And I can not deny it
I tried to run
and make my way
But I’m turning towards home now

You are the wisdom
that I need
And the reason I’m longing
For more than
just the American dream
I hear eternity calling!

I’m laying it all down
Just for one glimpse of your face
It’s gonna be worth it
It’s gonna be worth it (4x)

How things change

It’s funny how things change. Other night I was reminded how much my taste in music have changed in only a few years. Three years ago if you had asked me who my favorite band was, I would have rattled off a rather length list of hard rock (Disturbed, Godsmack, and Avenged Sevenfold). Today if you were to ask me that the results couldn’t be more different (DecembeRadio, Rick Pino, and etc).

That’s quite a change, and it got me thinking about why I liked those former bands to begin with. What came to mind was chaos, the reason I liked those bands was because when I listened to them they drowned out the mess that was in my own mind. For a few mins their music quieted the storm that was inside of me. Inside I was lonely, depressed, and angry, and listening to this kind of music provided me with an outlet to release or assuage those emotions. But it was never enough the music did little to comfort me when it was off and in reality it was a vicious cycle, of feeding those emotions and the chaos inside.

Today things are different, Glory to God! There’s still chaos at times in my life, but what has changed is how I deal, rather than try to drown it out, I let it go and give it to God. I seek him, for answers to my questions, for clarity in the fog of life. And remarkably the He answers not always in my timing or the way I expect, but He is faithfully by my side even when I am stubbornly doing my own thing.

Bellarive – Love Has Found Us

On the night of 1/27/10 Orlando based band, Bellarive ( led worship for a local student ministry ( from the top of a parking garage overlooking the city of Orlando.

Shot with 1 Canon 7D and a 35mm 1.4 lens

The band was only able to play through the song a couple of times, so I had to really experiment with some B-Roll. But all in all I really like how it turned out.

Edited in FCP, colored in Magic Bullet.