Life [Re]defined – Jake Hamilton

Life [re]defined by Jake Hamilton

I hear the Spirit calling me
And I’m ready to answer
I am laying down my pride
To hear the cry of your comfort

I felt your tug upon my heart
And it’s setting me free now
I can’t deny your reckless love
So, I’m bending a knee, now

I, I don’t want to wake up
trying to make it through
lost and confused
No, I don’t want to survive
I want to live

Yes, Lord, yes
Lord, You
You are life
Life beyond the veil
Beyond what’s safe
and normal,
What is possible

You, You satisfy
You’re more than just a fantasy of faith
You are everything
You’re life re-defined.

You are the love
that finds a way
And I can not deny it
I tried to run
and make my way
But I’m turning towards home now

You are the wisdom
that I need
And the reason I’m longing
For more than
just the American dream
I hear eternity calling!

I’m laying it all down
Just for one glimpse of your face
It’s gonna be worth it
It’s gonna be worth it (4x)

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