two tables are set
two feasts are prepared
both beckon, calling me by name
before me is a feast of blessings
and a feast of lies

the feast of lies
is pleasing to the eye
all my favorite foods are set before me
each plate a comfort food from my past
each one the best the world has to offer

what catches my eye is the company
lust, she welcomes me with a glass of wine
self pity is playing my favorite tune
knowledge crowns me with her jewels
their attention is intoxicating

the meal starts with crunchy self reliance
and quickly moves into sweet flattery
washed down with pride and gratification
the second course is a succulent fillet of fear
covered in creamy sauce full of doubt
dessert is the sweetest confusion around

more, i need more
the food, the wine, has not satisfied
but instead intensified my hunger, my thirst
how, why, no time for questions
more, i need more

desire, after desire
need, after need
the feast of lies promises to satisfy
with pleasure, after pleasure
with attention and praise
but the itch is never quite scratched
i’m always wanting more

it’s days, months, years, a lifetime
before i notice
that the music has stopped
the crowd has left
i try to leave, i want to leave
the emptiness within has chained me to the chair
the hunger so strong now
more, i need more…

the feast of blessings
is simple
the body
the blood

hope draws me in
faith pulls up a chair
simple wooden chair, simple wooden table
love serves me

the first bite is like a rush
i learn the meaning of love and sacrifice
the second is more than i can take
things that never should have been forgiven, are

the first sip opens my eyes
and glory is seen
the second opens my heart
and life is experienced

i cry out
he answers
fullness of him

the body
now my body
i see, through his eyes
i hear, through his ears

abundant life
eternal life
full life

the table is cleared
together we leave
to join our king
at the feasts of all feasts

the price of admittance is the same
for both lies and blessings
each at a cost I can hardly fathom
life, life consumed

all life needs to eat
but we have a choice
a choice of the kind of food we will fill our lives with
between the temporary
and the eternal
between the lie
and the truth

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Tall and quiet programmer from Memphis, that is in love with a sweet girl from Orlando.

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