Pierce our December 

Two thousand years ago
A star pierced the darkness
Our world today
Has become dark again

A volcano of violence
Spews darkness day and night
Ashes of hate rain down
Darkening our world

And the light is preoccupied
Distracted by temporal and the self
It refuses to pierce
Instead it tries to delight
It fights to be right
And becomes caked with the world
Clouded and dimmed the light grows dark

Pierce our world again
Pierce our nation
Pierce our fiefdoms
Pierce our comfort
Pierce our safety
Pierce our hearts

Love poem for my redhead

Heads will turn to look and stare
At the girl with long red hair
At hips that sway, like long grass,
Watch them gaze as she walks past,

With skin so pale and very fair
Look at the girl with long red hair
The beauty of a freckled face
Her style, panache, her easy grace,

She enters a room, all are aware
And watch the girl with long red hair
Envious eyes that look and desire
The girl with hair like raging fire,

You may look and you may eye
And you may stare as she goes by,
For she has beauty beyond compare
And I love the girl with long red hair

by: Jessica Shailes


We are each a river
flowing from inner to outer
soul to sea
Our waters flow from
to words
to actions
It’s our words and actions
that impact the sea of this world
these flow from a common source
The question then is
what is your source
life or death?
Life is more than
just good, rich, and pleasureful
its eternal, true, and sacred
There is only one true source of eternal life
Jesus, the source of
living waters
Living waters overflow with
faith, hope, and love
they carry miracles, dreams, promises
and the glory of God
What are you filling this world with
death and darkness
or life and light?


I drank a cup, and it didn’t quench
I drank the sea, and it didn’t satisfy
And as I lay there, dying in the desert
Clouds began gather, and I wondered
“Could it really get any worse?”
But instead of a storm, soft rain
What sea couldn’t satiate,
Could rain even make a dent?
“Hold out your tongue” came in reply
A drop, for my parched lips
A drop, for my scorched tongue
A drop, for the desert
The desert once called my heart
A single drop of Living Water
Quenched and satisfied
What cup and sea could not

lay it down

i love you
three simple words
three simple words
with a not so simple

is love a flutter?
is love a feeling?
is love sex?
is love passing?

or are these things
the shadows of
the intangible
real, true, everlasting

to me
love is a choice
love is death
the death of

the death of
my ego and pride
my wants and desires
my weaknesses and strengths
my importance and control
in light of you, my love

this is love
this is the life
that we as men
are called to lead
this is our love

this is the heart of a warrior
this is the heart of a king
this is the heart of a priest
this is the heart of a prophet
this is the heart of God

Around the corner

I’m here
And around every corner
I expect you to be too

How can you not be here
With the people you loved
Worshipping the God you loved

In every handshake and smile
In every note sung and foot stomped
You are here

Your legacy is alive and well
Love is your legacy
Love for one another and love for God

And what a rich legacy it is
One that I’m proud to pass on
To the next generation

A generation you never met
But a generation your life
Will definitely touch

I missed you today
Missed your love
Missed your joy

In the midst of the pain
I know that God is planting new life
That my heart is fertile soil
And in time He and I will reap 100 fold

your voice

oh Lord open your lips
and let your voice go forth
i long to hear your whisper
with an intimacy only your bride knows

open my ears that i might hear
soften my heart that i might listen
let your words be the flame
and my life the fuel

your word saves dying dreams
and your word remembers forgotten hopes
your word brings life everlasting

oh Lord open your lips
and let your voice go forth
fill my ears
with your voice
fill my heart
with your words
fill my mouth
with your flame

oh Lord open your lips
and let your voice go forth
as a flame, a flame from a life consumed
by your holy fire

red tape

it binds, with rules and laws
it binds, with ideology and theology
it binds, with doubt and division
it binds, with plans and good intentions

when we should be sharing life
when we should be speaking life
when we should be doing life
red tape binds us


life marches on

a sharp plow
in the hands of God

making rich the soil
of my heart

weeds and rocks
readying the soil for seeds

planting seeds of
faith, hope, and love

the young seedling
with your word

the fruit
at season’s end