Dream: Bridge

In this one Arielle and I were flying back and forth between what we called in the dream Columbia, Florida. It was like an island off the coast. Ari recommended that I try the bridge next time, so I rented a car and started driving. The bridge was normal at first, but after a few mins it got crazy. I was doing loops and going upside down and crazy fast. About half way across there was a big chunk of the bridge missing and so I ended up in the water. In the water I started swimming intending to finish my journey. Along the way I found a big floating box that I was able to climb on top of and then hop from box to box till I got to the other side around the time the sun was setting and my rental car was waiting for me right next to my hotel.

Bridge = faith
Broken bridge = little faith
Swimming = Spiritual activity; serving God; operating in the gifts of the Spirit

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Tall and quiet programmer from Memphis, that is in love with a sweet girl from Orlando.

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