Dream: Christmas in the Mountains

I haven’t recorded a dream in awhile, not that I haven’t had any just none as vivid as this or I haven’t been able to hang on to them long enough to write down.

The dream starts off with me and Arielle driving through the mountains faster than we should have (really it reminded me of a Bond movie), and of course as we go around a curve I see an officer just sitting there waiting waiting to catch a speeder like myself. Keeping my eyes on the winding road ahead I don’t see if he turns on his lights to come after me, but I do realize that the place we are going is just ahead. So turn off the main road onto the driveway of a large cabin. Inside is what appears to be a large Christmas party, I don’t remember much about who was there or who I interacted with. But what I do remember is repeatedly going outside to check on my car. See I was worried that the officer I saw on the road would follow me, and try to find out where I had gone. So kept going back to check on the car and make sure that no cops had shown up. In between the trips outside, I was just hanging out in the main room of this warmly lit cabin. While I was in this room, Pastor Michelle showed up dressed as Mrs. Claus. Again I went to check on the car, and as I was walking out I saw my mom also dressed as Mrs. Claus. It was during one of these trips outside that I saw a cop car come into the parking lot, it went through slowly an then left. Relieved I rejoined the party inside, and decided to explore the outer deck. The deck was pretty interesting, what I remember most was this gigantic Christmas tree off to the right. As I’m walking around it, I hear the familiar voice of my father and as I get closer I see he’s dressed up as Santa Claus doing something with the kids. Oddly I didn’t stay and talk to him, but merely kept walking, just happy that he was there. Back inside my mom pulls me aside and starts telling me about a problem she’s been having with Sam’s school. It seems they put together an end of the year video and for some unknown reason they included budget information. What they included was that my mom had paid something like $300 to the school, and it really embarrassed my mom. She went on to say that it had something to do with Sam’s health insurance. All the time she’s telling me this the feeling of anger was really vivid, anger at the school for embarrassing my mom like this. It was about this time that I woke up, so I don’t know where it was all headed. And trust me I think it’s as weird as you do. But it’s important to remember these kinds of things, so there it is. What’s interesting to me is the three really vivid emotions I went through fear (of the cops), joy (at seeing my dad), and anger (or being upset, at my mom’s ordeal). Don’t know what it all means or even if it has meaning.

Maybe someday I’ll understand.

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