I just got finished reading “Wrecked” by Jeff Goins. A friend and hiking buddy :).

Jeff’s book is a practical guide to spiritual awakening (being wrecked) and puts you on the path to spiritual maturity. And he does that largely by telling his own story. About how God turned his life upside down and how God used that to transform his life. It’s a great and challenging book, so check it out!

Kingdom Dreams

Jeff Goins recently wrote a good blog on how to get involved with Kingdom Dreams. Here’s what he says…

There is no denying it. God is moving in a coordinated fashion, planting a seed in world changers and kingdom bringers. In the past few weeks we’ve found a growing number of passionate Christ followers committed to a similar vision of Kingdom Dreams, creating opportunity for synergy amongst the church.

We are on the forefront of something great, and we want you to be apart of it.

  • Kingdom Dreams went live about a month ago, but since then we have gained greater clarity as to our role in this coordinated move by God.
  • Kingdom Dreams exists to synthesize the church; connecting the body of Christ to fulfill each persons unique createdness.
  • Kingdom Dreams is being built to be the premier location to be inspired, equipped, and resourced to pursue one’s God-given dreams and passions.
  • Kingdom Dreams will be the catalyst for the next generation of Christians focused on changing the world.
  • Kingdom Dreams offers people the space, freedom, guidance, and confidence to dream and experiment, through the channel of meaningful personal connections.

A dream this big needs the help of the body of Christ, and we want to invite you to be apart of what God is doing.

There are lots of ways to get involved. We would love it if you joined us on the forefront of this movement. Here are five different ways to join the vision:

  1. Become a coach This generation needs mentors and coaches. You have life experience and wisdom to share. Help walk someone down their unique path: Become a coach!
  2. Help us network dreamers Most dreamers need to serve under someone else dream while the mature and grow. Contact us if you can connect dreamers to a variety of opportunities
  3. Partner with Kingdom Dreams We want to provide our dreamers with job, ministry, and volunteer opportunities that match their passions. Let us know if you or your organization has open positions for some passionate world changers.
  4. Spread the word: Do you believe in this vision of making God’s dreams come true through connecting people with world-changing ideas? Share Kingdom Dreams with your friends, church, pastor, and other network by:
    1. Reposting this post on your blog, or writing your own.
    2. Talk about Kingdom Dreams on Twitter or post a link on Facebook. You can use the shortened URL http://bit.ly/kdreams.
  5. Share your dream Come to our website and let us know about your dream. You just might make yours happen, or help another’s come true. Share your dream

Let’s build this into something great together.

Interested in Traveling the World?

From Jeff Goins – @jeff_goins:

As you probably know, I work with an organization called Adventures In Missions (AIM), and we offer an 11-month missions program called The World Race, where participants travel the world, grow in their identity in Christ, and learn how to become missional, global citizens.

I just sent this note to our facebook group, but I thought that I’d share the same opportunities to see the world here. Below are a few trips we’re offering this Fall:

September 2010 – Starting in the Philippines, then going through SE Asia (Thailand, Cambodia), moving into Eastern Europe where you’ll get to gypsies in Romania, and then finishing in Africa, this is going to be an amazing journey. (For more click here)

October 2010 – This trip begins in Latin America, then takes you to East Asia (including a stop in China, yes, China), and then ends in Africa with opportunities to participate in some amazing ministry experiences. (For more click here)

November 2010 (Haiti Relief) – This is a special one-month trip to Haiti to help continue the work that World Racer alumni began as soon as the earthquake hit earlier this year. Not only will you get a chance to serve the people of Haiti for 30 days, but you’ll also get a snapshot of what life on the World Race is all about. (For more click here)

As always, for more recent updates, stories, and news from the World Race, visit us at http://theworldrace.org/. (Check out our Updates Blog, too, for some of the best stories and news.)

If you wouldn’t mind helping us get the word out about these trips, I would greatly appreciate it. If you repost this whole post to your blog or Facebook notes, you’ll get a chance at a free book from my library (your choice, if you win).

Just leave a comment here with the link, and I’ll get in touch with you. I’ll pick five winners, and the first person to post will automatically win!

Ready, set, go.