The Love Story of Anchor and Sail

A strong east wind began to blow racing over the water, carrying with it a torn and tattered sail. The once pure white canvas now torn and soiled was tossed and tumbled through the air. Dragged along various shores, caught on the occaisonal palm. She continued her journey on the whim of the wind.

On the desolate shores of the Unknown Island lay the rusting hulk of an abandoned anchor. He had long been separated from his ship the mighty Purpose, and washed a shore here by some miracle. Not that Anchor considered it a much of a miracle now. Stuck here Anchor could do little more than watch the sun rise and set, marking the slow progress of time.

Sail was being dragged along another shore when she was suddenly stopped. Looking down she realized she was caught on an old rusty anchor. Suddenly the wind shifted direction causing Sail to become even more tangled with Anchor. As the wind continued to blow, there was a brief moment where Sail lifted Anchor. Exhilarated he clung to Sail and the pair slowly drifted back to shore. Their short flight breathed new life into the pair.

As the wind continued to shift the pair danced down the shore, rising and falling, rising and falling. Together, freed of their bonds, they began to build something new. A new ship to carry them across the Future Sea. Once complete they christened their ship the Life Bringer, and together they set sail for the land of Promise.

At first things aboard the Life Bringer were joyous. Anchor loved Sail’s power and direction. While Sail loved Anchor’s steadfastness and quiet strength. The seas were smooth as glass and winds consistent. The few squalls they encountered a long the way were easily dealt with.

It wasn’t till the tempest hit that Anchor and Sail found the leaks in their boat. In the strong winds each fought for control, bringing their little vessel to its breaking point. A particularly violent gust finally wrested control away from both of them and slammed the Life Bringer on to the Isthmus of Expectations where wave after wave of depression battered the already exhausted and broken pair.

After awhile the winds died down and the waves were reduced from crushing to lapping. But the Life Bringer was gone, reduced to flotsam. Anchor lay pinned to the shore while Sail flapped in the breeze. Both ready to bury there hopes and dreams there on that beach. But above the rhythmic sounds of the water were the sounds of footsteps.

The Good Captain looked at the wreckage on the beach and saw something, others might have called it garbage, but not him. Good set to work at once, rebuilding the humble vessel. And as he worked he taught Anchor and Sail about love. Once his work was complete he re-christened the ship Glory, and set sail once again for the land of Promise.

Anchor and Sail were tentative being out on the sea again. But under the Good Captain’s steady hand they began to experience the joy of the open sea again kindling a faint spark of hope in each. With squalls and nor’easters behind them the Captain guided Glory towards another dark tempest. Fear gripped Sail and Anchor. Both desperately wanted to turn back. But the Captain encouraged them, so they pressed on towards the thunder in the distance.

In the midst of the raging storm the Good Captain was as calm as ever. Shouting words of wisdom and encouragement over the howling window. Anchor and Sail still struggled in the violent storm, but as they listened to the Captains voice the mistakes of the past were erased. Instead of seizing control they ceded control to the Captain. With his steady hand, he saw them through. The storm waned and the darkness was chased away by the rising sun. There before them was the golden city of Promise. At the wheel they could hear the Good Captain begin to sing, and his song filled their hearts with new joy. Together Anchor and Sail danced to the Captain’s song.

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