Sailing from Worry to Overflow

There is an ocean of worry
it’s waters are bitter
and it’s depths are filled with the dead.
The ships of men sail across her stormy waters
in the pursuit of all kinds of earthly riches
but few ever reach the shore.
This sea is all consuming
neither man nor boat can satisfy her
she is a devourer of the present
and a thief of many futures.
Who can tame her winds
who can safely ride her wave
only He who speaks to the wind and waves
Peace, be still!
He spoke and created the waters
and by his words the bitter waters of worry
are transformed into the sweet wine of the overflow
This ocean is the bringer of life
it flows from the heart of the creator
to the heart of the created
Those who cross the ocean of overflow
do not require vessels or fear the storms
because they are upheld by His right hand
There is an ocean of overflow
let your worry be lost there

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Tall and quiet programmer from Memphis, that is in love with a sweet girl from Orlando.

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