Learning about Patience

God has a funny way of talking to us sometimes.

I have been praying for awhile about certain thing that I believe God wants me to do and to work on and to do that I need a certain tool. To get moving and to get started I’ve been thinking of ways to get the money to buy it. This past Sunday I was talking God about it and then read a couple of things as devotional and both of them talked about being patient in the place that God has you. I took the hint.

Later that day in worship the thought occurred to me that I didn’t know what God meant by patience. So I asked God to teach me what he meant by be patient. As worship ends my Pastor gets up and the first words out of her mouth were “Patient means to wait on God”.

It’s funny how God speaks to me at times. I’m thankful for ears and a heart that hear, and a God that speaks to me.

I’m waiting on God. He’ll provide all that I need.

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Tall and quiet programmer from Memphis, that is in love with a sweet girl from Orlando.

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