Teaching us to pray

The other day we (Mommy, Dasi, and I) were at the store playing a fun game of “can you say?”. Which involves us asking Hadassah if she can say various things, and us parents getting a kick out of her echoing words back to us. After going through, dress, hair, and boogers (a daddy word for sure) we gave her “booboo” she got the first “boo” down so we tried to connect that to a word she already knew “ouchie”. H being the bright girl she is, held her leg while saying “ouch”. Mommy looked to see what was hurting her and in that Mommy brilliance takes a moment to teach our little one how to pray.

She kept it simple, “Jesus all better amen”. And in Dasi, “Jesush all done amen”.

It was so simple yet brilliant. It’s not just how babies should pray but all of us. No need for extra fluff. Just call on his name and trust that it will be done.

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Tall and quiet programmer from Memphis, that is in love with a sweet girl from Orlando.

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