What Miracle Are You In The Middle Of?

From Mike Paschall’s Blog

I’m fighting like crazy here to keep from expounding on the gospel story of Peter jumping out of the boat. We’ve heard lots and lots about it, it’s all familiar and generally helpful, but from time to time we fall victim to the loss of focus. I read that story and I want to start screaming at the top of my lungs: “FOCUS dude, you are in the middle of a flipp’n miracle!”

When I read that my mind immediatly tries to apply it to my own life. What miracle am I in the middle of? What’s keeping me from focusing on my savior?

What miracle I’m in the midst of?
Us walking into God’s promise of a house, and our family being established.

What’s distracting me?
Lack of sleep, my own tiredness, exhaustion, and fear/doubt (are we really going to get it this time?/are we prepared?).

Isn’t it interesting how are situations are similar? Gotta keep this last paragraph in my head.

Peter later brought lots of solid teaching about focus. He had been to the school of trial and error. “Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” This word is spiritual but it also applies for the everyday grind. Have the courage to make honest assessments, make the adjustments, make the changes and then dive in. It takes discipline to develop the strength to swim against the world’s current and the appetites of our flesh. Any ole dead thing can float down stream.

Read the whole thing here. http://everytribeinternational.org/2010/08/04/focus/

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