How Physics Relates to Marriage

Mr. Dahlberg was my high school physics teacher. One day he drew a line straight down the board. One side of the board was the known universe and the other side was the unknown universe. In the middle he drew a square peg that stuck out from the known universe into the unknown. Mr. Dalhberg went on to say that it was our responsibilty as the next generation to grow our understanding of the unknown world by learning all we can from those who have come before us and then take the next step (the square peg). At this point I’m probably butchering his illustration, but I’ll keep going :). Looking at that board, the small little square peg seemed almost insignificant, but in reality it could easily represent someones life’s work, as each little step is important.

So how does all this relate to marriage?

Let’s go back to the board. Let’s imagine that one side of the board  is what you know about your spouse and the other side is what you don’t know about him/her. It’s your daily responsibility to step by step (or little peg by little peg) or read intentionally seek out those unknown spots about your spouse. Some days it may seem like small pegs, but each step is important. Each little peg, the memories, the battles, the make-ups, the children, etc. all become a small part of the bigger picture, the beautiful mosaic of a single life.

A weird corralation, I know. But an interesting thought.

“The best thing a man can do for his children is love their mother.” – John Wooden

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