Russian Dream

I had a dream that I was a spy in Russia planning an escape from a prison there. It didn’t seem like we were prisoners there because we were free to explore it. As we were exploring we came across a fence we scaled the fence and on the other side was a garden. This garden was smallish ten by ten size that was surrounded on all sides by a wooden fence. We dropped down off the fence, walked around for a bit and decided to climb out on the other side. Only to find a secret garden on the otherside of that fence. This secret garden was about the same size but rather than having plants and flowers this garden had a square of gravel just big enough for me to lay down in. As we were standing there my companion told me that this was the place where the Holy Spirit would fill me and the place I should hide during the escape. We climbed out the secret garden and came to a rocky sea shore walking around with the warden at this point looking at a boat that looked like a van. ( weird )

Before this escape was to take place I went to a retreat with some of the old peeps from Memphis. The place we were at was a white house everything there was white. It seemed they were on a beach week. But the whole time I was there it just seemed off. Weird

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Tall and quiet programmer from Memphis, that is in love with a sweet girl from Orlando.

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