Attacking the Vision

For the past few weeks God has really put on my heart a vision for the future and He has begun to reveal to me the purpose he has for me on this earth.

So it seems only appropriate that the enemy would attack my physical sight as well.

A few weeks ago I went to the eye doc to get my eyes checked so I could get some new contacts. After a few lengthy tests the doc told me that based on the results he’s concerned that I might have glaucoma and I’d have to come back for additional tests. Which is currently scheduled for Tuesday (5/26/09). Glaucoma as I understand it is the death of optic nerves that can slowly and will unnoticeably reduce your vision. There’s no cure but with meds the effect of the disease can be slowed.

If this disease is not God’s will then it is an attack of the enemy. The pills seem like an easy solution. But really they are man’s solution to a spiritual problem. The devil would use them like chains around my neck.

Now I haven’t gotten a final diagnosis from the doc and I’ll probably get a second opinion anyway but I’ve begun praying against the spirit of infirmity, against the plans of the enemy, and that the Lord’s will be done.

And I’m asking you all to join with me. So that when I go back in on Tuesday I’ll have an amazing witness to the glory of God to share with the doc and to encourage my fellow believer’s.

With or without physical sight I will see the glorious face of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Because He has already won the victory.

Update 5/27/09

The Eye Doc confirmed yesterday that I do not have glaucoma, that my optic nerve is just larger than normal. Thank you for all your prayers. 🙂

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