Dreams : Riots and Destruction

A few weeks ago I had two strange dreams back to back. In the first, my mom warned me that the world was rioting. At first I didn’t believe her, but I turned on the tv to find pictures of the world on fire. There was literally riots going on everywhere. The second dream was similar. Arielle and I were at the large conference hall, after wandering the hall for what seemed like a long time we found ourselves headed outside to a zoo to meet our friend Jose and his brother. At this point I can’t remember what animals we saw there, but when we finally met up with Jose, Arielle wanted to go to the beach (which appearantly was right across the street). So we start heading across the street, and in order to get to the beach we had to cross this bridge. About half way across the bridge we could look out and see the beach and the ocean. Only the sky off in the distance was dark and ominous, it looked like a storm was about to hit the area we were at. As we were realizing that it might not be the best day to go to the beach, this huge column of water slammed into the beach and started coming right for the city area. Arielle and I turned and ran as fast as we could, we ran straight back to the conference hall. Once there we found a set of car keys and headed out to the parking lot to find the car the keys belonged to. It ended up being this black SUV. We took the car, and ran like crazy as the column water destroyed the city. There was some more to the dream, but it was more of us trying to escape the column. Other than that I don’t remember much.

Not sure what all this means, but was definetly an interesting dream.

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