War or the lack thereof (FIGHT!)

How do we define war? Is it nation vs nation, ideology vs ideology, or religion vs religion? Do wars require of the use of guns, tanks, ships, or airplanes? Is a it a war if there are no uniforms for either side? Can you imagine a war with an enemy that is unseen, or war with an enemy that makes no sound? In fact the only way to know where the enemy has been is too look at the path of destruction that he has left behind. Wouldn’t that enemy fill you with fear?


We are in the midst of war that can’t be seen with our natural eyes or heard with our natural ears. Only the cries of hurt can be heard and only the tears of the ones left behind can be seen. Our enemy’s biggest (and most imponent) weapon is a physical death the power of which was removed by Jesus. The stakes of this war are higher than any war before or after. But that’s not to say that the outcome of the war is at stake, cause this war has already been won. It was won with a tree, three nails, and the death (and resurection) of One truely innocent man.


The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. For many he has stolen our joy, killed our loved ones, and destroyed our dreams. If we accept these loses and hide our selves in the fleshly pleasures of this life then the only heaven we will ever know is a man made on here on on earth and not the one made by God. If we merely shake off the slumber the world has put on us and fight. We will regain our lost joy, restore our dreams, and save the ones we love and a whole heck of a lot more. Fight for your loved ones, fight for hope, fight for love, fight for peace.


The enemy is one willing to negotiate, willing to find any compromise that we will accept. Want to go to church and then come home and watch porn? Sure he would willingly agree to that. Oh I’m sorry that was a little blunt. Ok here’s a better one. Want to go to church and then go out and see that really popular R rated movie? Hey watching that might help us connect to what the world is really going through just say a quick prayer before and after and no worries. God is a forgiving God, he’ll understand. The Enemy knows that any compromise on our part further seperates us from God, increasing the chances of slowly pulling us out of the fight and into a wordly life. A life seperate from God and his promise.


How many half naked ladies do we have to see on TV before every woman we see is half naked?


How many times can we hear “Oh my god” (or worse) on TV, in the movies, or in music before we start saying it?


Had a bad day? Drown it out with a beer or two or three, heck who’s counting?


How many of us would see a dead body on the street and immediatly think “What would Grissom be looking for here?”, rather than realize that God through his son Jesus has given us the power to raise the dead? 


Where do these paths lead? To a weak and ineffectual church body as a whole! To congregants who would rather debate when Jesus is comming back rather than save their neighbor (assuming they even know their neighbor’s name).

I’m guilty just as much as the next person. I was saved through cheap grace. And now I’m trying to learn about costly grace. The grace that costs my life, but in return I get true life in Jesus.


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