Dream: Hotel Panthers

4/19/10 – Andy and I were staying at a hotel for the night for some reason. We had this big glass globe in the car with 4 types of exotic cats on it. The only one I know of for sure was a panther. I think we had to pick it up from the hotel we were going to stay at for the night in order to get into the hotel. So I think we checked in and then went over to this other hotel for whatever reason. While we walked around a little I started recognizing people there and realized there was some type of Messianic conference going on. When we left and went to our hotel, I was getting out of Andy’s car and went to pick up the globe when the panther leaped off of it and started coming towards me. I heard Pastor Michelle in the background like I was replaying a message she preached or something and then I started cursing or rebuking the panther.

Hotel = Temporary
Panther = High level witchcraft

Dream: Parents’ House

4/18/10 – The first of 3 consecutive dreams took place in my parents’ house. It started off with me and Lauren sitting on the floor in the dining/living room area. A guy walked by us who I didn’t know (he looked like a Hispanic guy we used to know in an old ministry) and I was confused why he was at my parents’ house. As he passed us, he acted as if he was getting slain in the Spirit. I asked my mom what was up with him and she explained to me what his issue was. I had Hadassah laying on a blanket on the floor in front of me when suddenly her head fell off. (It was attached to her body by just a big blood vessel or artery, no neck or bones or anything.) I freaked out and got really upset, but being a mom, Lauren knew what to do and just picked up her head and pressed it back onto her body and everything was fine. Then I went upstairs to my old room which I was living in in the dream. I expected it to be pretty messy with clothes lying on the floor, but I looked in the closet and everything was hung up, but kind of in a weird way. I noticed a very short, ruffly skirt that’s not something I would wear in real life, but it was mine in the dream and it was hung up on a shirt hanger. It took me a minute and then I realized the guy who was at my parents’ house was the one who hung my clothes up. That’s all I remember.