Ever feel like Charlie Brown?

Music: Ed Bogas
Lyrics: Artist Unknown

Race for your Life

It’s a new day
We all can agree that the sun shine’s
Brought to you absolutely free

Free as running water
Fresh as morning dew

No matter who’s the leader
When the sun sets down
It’s gone Charlie Brown
So race for your life

Take a chance cause there’s no second dance
Till it’s a new day

I’ll tell you a secret
You’re about to face a test
And you’ll have to do your best
Don’t forget, just remember
Just remember, don’t forget

Your life is free as running water
Fresh as morning dew

No matter who’s the winner
If you try, we’re behind you
Charlie Brown

Race for your life, Charlie Brown

Race for your life, Charlie Brown

Race for your life, Charlie Brown

Race for your life, Charlie Brown

HT: Distant Melody

Charles Spurgeon: Being Unfashionable

I found this quote waiting for me on my google reader this morning, and it got me thinking that maybe I’ve become way to fashionable.

The great guide of the world is fashion and it’s god is respectability–two phantoms at which brave men laugh! How many of you look around on society to know what to do? You watch the general current and then float upon it! You study the popular breeze and shift your sails to suit it. True men do not so! You ask, “Is it fashionable? If it is fashionable, it must be done.” Fashion is the law of multitudes, but it is nothing more than the common consent of fools.

Hat Tip: Josh HarrisTullian Tchividjian

Spiritual Amnesia

I have a bunch of excuses, I’ve been busy at work, etc, but that’s all they really are. I listened to this podcast by John Eldredge last night before i fell asleep and realized that they were talking, at least to some extent, about me.

Where MightyAnchor Comes From

My fiancee’ (w00t!) asked me yesterday where the name for my site came from, and while I didn’t want to go into it there at that moment, I thought it would be best to post the reason here.

In fall of 2005 I bought a new laptop and with the laptop I bought a game called World of Warcraft (henceforth referred to as WoW). I won’t go into the details of the game as you can read them on the link provided, but suffice to say I devoted nearly two years of my life to playing a stupid game. Now there are plenty of good things that came out of playing it, I met some wonderful people, I had a lot of fun, etc, but the reality was that I was trapped in a virtual world.

During that period of my life, I decided to create my own website. After struggling for weeks if not months to think of a name I decided to use the name of my main character in WoW, and after a few suggestions from a friend I settled on MightyAnchor, Anchor being the name of my character. Now you have to understand why my character was named that to begin with; I’ve always seen my self as that type of person, someone who is an anchor, or someone who is not easily swayed from one thing to the next. And even some of my fellow gamers commented on how the name was appropriate, since at times I held the group together whether through play or through leadership. Even today I still maintain that self image to a degree, but that’s not why I kept the site.

After my Dad passed away, I made a conscious decision to turn away from the game that was swallowing me whole. I used my grief as motivation to make something of my life, and I was determined to live a life that honored my earthly and heavenly Fathers (again at some point I’ll explore this point in my life more thoroughly, but for now it provides the proper context). Through God’s grace I haven’t played WoW for more than 7 months, and have no desire to return to that life. That may seem like a short time to you, but to me it’s a life time. If you are thinking that sounds similar to what a addict might say, then you are right.

Recently I felt compelled or encouraged to start making a journal where I could record some dreams I’ve been having, as well as, my running testimony. Rather than go out and get a new web address which I could have easily done. I thought it would be a great testimony for God and wonderfully ironic to turn something the Devil would have used for self glorification, into something that glorifies the ONLY one truly worthy of it, the Lord God.

God is truly my mighty anchor.



Welcome to the start of an interesting journey for me, and hopefully for you. My hope for this blog is that I’ll be able to record what God is doing, has done, and what He is going to do in my life. I hope that years from now I’ll read through this blog and see how God has guided me and see how much I’ve grown.

I pray that anyone reading this will be blessed by what God puts on my heart to write or share, and that His message will draw you closer to Him.