here i am
here You are
here i worship my King
here i hear your voice
here i find peace everlasting
here i find love given unconditionally
here i find joy overflowing
here is not a time
here is not a place
here is Your kingdom
here is where heaven meets earth
here your glory is revealed
here our hearts beat as one
here You reign
here in my heart
here You are
here i am

Published by

Andrew Shansky

Is a software developer/engineer/hacker who lives in Orlando, FL with his beautiful wife, and life changing daughter. I'm a technology geek who loves getting away from the computer, and getting out into nature on a good backpacking trip. Never wanting my job or desires to define me. I am a son of the living God. I am constantly aware of my failures and the God who sees all of them yet still loves me and died for me.

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