We are the Godbreed

We are a sound; We are a song.
We are clothed in a fire of unending love.
We are a sacrifice of intercession;
We are the rattling bones of a revolution.
We carry the fragrance of intimacy, the torch of unity
and release the mighty waters of justice and equity.
We are a sign and a wonder; We are the sons of thunder.
We are servants; We are kings.
We are priests; We are heirs.
We are the open hands of healing.
We are relentless warriors.
We are mere shepherds of the field,
slaying giants with our stones.
We are fierce; We are fearless!
We are broken but in our weakness…
We are a sword of truth to set the captives free.
We are dividers of soul and spirit
by the power of God’s unending mercy.
We are like those who dream…


Written by: Sue Salles

Via Jason Lee Jones (@jason_lee_jones)

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Andrew Shansky

Is a software developer/engineer/hacker who lives in Orlando, FL with his beautiful wife, and life changing daughter. I'm a technology geek who loves getting away from the computer, and getting out into nature on a good backpacking trip. Never wanting my job or desires to define me. I am a son of the living God. I am constantly aware of my failures and the God who sees all of them yet still loves me and died for me.

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