The Joy of Jesus

It was joy for Jesus
To lay down his crown
And pick up the mantle of a servant

It was love for Jesus
To lay down his life
And save us

In a world of me me me
Lord teach me your joy
Lord teach me your love

You laid down your life for me
Teach me oh Lord
To lay down my life for others

There in the death of me
I’ll find You
And your joy
And your love

Crowning the King

Oh Lord Jesus come,
My idols have been crushed and burned
And my altars are turned over
Come Lord and forgive me
Forgive me for rebelling against you

Oh Lord Jesus come,
Come take your place in my heart
The place that you prepared long ago
Come into my heart and sit on your eternal throne
Come let me crown you as my King

Oh Lord Jesus come,
I want to know your heart
And see your eyes
Come and dine with me
Let us share your body and your blood

Oh Lord Jesus come.